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for the program nationally and locally? those are espoused by ice and the obama administration and those that have been publicly stated by participating state and local levels of government. third, how is the -- how has the program implemented originally or sense the 2009 program revisions by the obama administration? how strong is program oversight and supervision? the u.s. and general government accountability office and dhs office of inspector general have been highly critical in recent reports and we want to see how this was working in practice in our 7-study sites. are the costs, benefits, and community benefits? these are difficult to quantify we do provide the qualitative evidence around these impacts as well as an affirmation more quantitated. finally, we make recommendations for improving the program. there are basically two major framing issues around our findings that i would like you to keep in mind during this presentation. the first of these is on the level of targeting. this has changed somewhat over the course of the program's history. ship date 287-g program focus on people that t
about the transition beginning now, can you explain how this situation moves from president obama talking about change now, and president mubarak talking about change in september? is president obama powerless to estimate that at the next -- to make that happen? >> let's be clear as these are fluid and dynamic events. what we have seen happen over the last few days are events that many people have not seen -- nobody has seen in their lifetime. i think you heard the president last night pretty clearly. i am certainly here to say that the conversation that the president had with president mubarak was direct, it was frank, it was candid, and without getting into exactly what was said, i think the message that the president delivered clearly to president mubarak was that the time for change had come to. >> i'm trying to get the core question of what this president can do about that. >> i think changing all of these instances -- what we have seen transpire has been over the course of many days and has taken place as a result of change that has needed to happen from within the country.
, policy priorities, have been completely upset by this development. the obama administration came into office two years ago planning to work on israeli- palestinian peace, planning to engage with iran to try to prevent the emergence of iran as a nuclear power and frankly, it had no interest in what it saw as the failed freedom agenda of george bush. what we now see is that these demands for change in the region for democratic governments in the region have forced a's selves onto obama a agenda. he has chosen wisely to get on the right side of this and to be in favor of the spread of democracy and human rights in the region. i think the administration is playing catch up. they are trying very much to show they were on top of these issues all along and were in favor of these things all along, but to be honest, there was not much attention and much priority given to these issues to what was happening inside arab countries and change that might be coming from inside arab countries. there was not much attention given to that at all. over the last couple of years. the two other issues t
the nature or color how the branch operates. >> some of the progress of challenges to the obama health care plan -- the media has really played up that all of the judges who struck it down are republicans and all of the judges who upheld it are democrats. doesn't that create a public perception that politics does affect the outcome with judges? >> you mean the comments that people make? >> the comments that we read in the media. based on whether the judge is deciding the case were appointed by a democrat or a republican -- s the -- -- the judges deciding the case were appointed by a democrat or republican. among people say all kinds of foolish things -- >> people say all kinds of foolish things. i do not really care. unless it affects reality. this has not happened in california. it has not been politicized, as best i can tell. it has been quite collegial. federal judges often languished for years in the senate, awaiting confirmation. that process -- by the time it gets in the end -- they feel like they have some approval. it has not been the case. i have a number of colleagues who waited m
people, but obama is really trying to do things, but every president from reagan on have run the deficit up so high that all of the things like we have like school in wateand water and railroads,e government itself has gotten so rd that a lot of republicans are intelligent and willing to work, but a lot of them are just completely negative. host: final thoughts from your guest. guest: i liked the fact that he pointed out this is a decade- long problem in the making. the problem is not new, and it is because we have not made the investmen host: heather boushey, thank you for joining us. >> there will be a debate live here on c-span this evening. it is at george washington university. we will have the debate live on c-span at 7:00 p.m. eastern. hosni mubarak has said he will not run for reelection. you can see his statement from today after our live coverage at george washington university at about 8:30 eastern. right now at, erartesy of the al jazede network. this is an event hosted by the american constitution society. this discussion of judicial nominees and the confirmation
. president obama will be speaking about the unrest in libya. earlier today, secretary clayton everything will be on the table." the news indicates that anti- government protesters have been taking control of some of the major cities and towns closer to the capital. the opponents of muammar gaddafi are saying they will liberate the force. he is reportedly roaming the streets. the u.s. making efforts to get american citizens out of libya as well. waiting for president obama who should be here shortly. live coverage here on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> good afternoon, everybody. secretary clinton and i just concluded a meeting to focus on ongoing situation in libya. over the last few days my national security team has been working around the clock to monitor the situation and to coordinate with our international partners about a way forward. first, we're doing everything we can to protect american citizens. it is my highest priority. in libya, we have urged our people to leave the country and the
of political repression. the current announcement from the obama administration emphasizes the importance of an orderly transition. meanwhile, as if to underscore the risk to american interests, iran has applauded the revolt, calling it an islamic awakening. the organization of islamic conference has, by contrast, been silent, appealing only to avoid violence. the saudi king has warned of chaos in his statements. i was in saudi arabia last week and witnessed firsthand that there was little enthusiasm among the royals for a muslim brotherhood government. analysts in the united states have advocated for an immediate end to military aid to egypt. they have even conceded that it is fundamentalist but will moderate in power. to help us analyze from different perspectives the prospects for liberal democracy in egypt, we have four presenters on our panel today. i'm delighted to introduce them. are for speaker is samuel tadros. he is finishing his master's at georgetown university. he's a senior partner in the egyptian union of liberal youth. he previously worked as a consultant at the hudson ins
would like to start with the point that was made before. the obama administration came out of the gate and gave a wonderful speech in cairo. they turned their back on the efforts toward political and social reform. the way the united states can come out of it is to recognize that mistake and realised that is the way the united states is going to have to redefine its role in the future. the united states needs to be an engine of change and to enable reform, hopefully not as explosively as it has happened in egypt. hopefully, they can convince the other allies in the region that they need to move down this path. >> at president bush's second inaugural, he pushed for egypt ian reform. was there and the administration talked about freedom, or the refusal to push? >> the fact that the middle east was put on the political reform agenda was revolutionary. there has not been a administration that has thought of democracy in the middle east. there was disappointment when the bush administration eased back after a hamas -- after hamas. in egypt, the muslim brotherhood had a relatively strong sho
and unaccountable federal bureaucrats. two years ago president obama reminded us that elections matter when he said, i won. well, mr. speaker, in november the american people won in doing so they made it clear to anyone listening that they objected to the direction that our country has taken. they object to the limitations imposed on our freedom, on our choices, on our ability to create jobs. this is not new. in the past as well as in the current administration, liberal presidents who could not achieve their goals by the consent of the people have resorted to regulatory fiat to give their most extreme supporters what they want. under these regulatory regimes, the power of congress and the people has been reduced to notice and comment. a notice and comment period in which they can only state their objections. however it's becoming increasingly apparent to the american people these comments are regularly ignored by the regulators. the expansion of the regulatory state continues to concentrate power in the executive branch and to marginalize representative government with congressionally enacted legis
of the union address, president obama encouraged us to do what it takes to out innovate, out education and out build the rest of the world -- out-innovate, out-education and out-build the rest of the world from day one president obama has been a job creator. we had to dig our way out of a deep recession, but nonetheless, the recovery act created or saved over three million jobs and other initiatives like clash for clunkers and other initiatives that this congress took working with president obama spared us an even worse unemployment rate. now, that isn't good enough if you don't have a job and it isn't good enough for white house are responsible for creating them. and that is why the effort that the president started at the beginning of the administration, reiterated in his state of the union address, starts with creating more jobs here at home and in this congress there should be no higher priority. yet the republican leadership has not met that challenge. since taking charge of the house more than one month ago they have yet to propose a single jobs bill. they have yet to unveil a concrete p
obama reiterate that we share the same top priority, jobs, jobs, and jobs. in fact, the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke, is sitting before the budget committee today. i plan to discuss the economic growth rate and the g.d.p. with the chairman later this morning. in june, 2010, chairman bernanke suggested that the g.d.p. would rise by about 3% over the course of the year last year. and would likely increase at a slightly higher pace in 2011. in fact, the fourth quarter of 2010 showed a record -- a rate of growth at 3.2%. compare that nearly double-digit turn around to the end of the bush administration where we saw a 6% downturn in g.d.p. in addition to that slow but steady growth, we have seen the private sector add 1.2 million jobs. another stark turn around from the final month of the bush administration where we lost more than eight million jobs. though we all acknowledge that job numbers need to grow more, i have been surprised that the enthusiasm for these g.d.p. and private sector growth numbers coming from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. they ha
obama and his possible run for the 2012 presidential election as the gop field begins to take shape. watch wrote to the white house sunday eastern and pacific. >> the democratic governors meet today to talk about jobs and competitiveness in space. that is coming up live at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. earlier today, maryland governor, martin o'malley and rick perry talked about the condition of their states. governor perry and governor perry are the heads of the -- are theernor o'malley heads of the respective governors associations. >> we are pleased to have to of the most popular governors in the country. we have rick perry and martin o'malley. there are cards by your chairs where you can write questions. i will turn it over to jay martin. >> thank you for joining us here on a rainy day in washington. let's talk about what is taking place in madison in wisconsin. what lessons do you take away from what has happened in madison looking at this stage --this standoff going into its second week? >> when you are facing tough challenges and you have to overcome challenges like the imbala
this into a chaotic, violent scene that then order would have to be restored. >> let me get to how president obama is handling this. everybody has a view. start off interpreting where they are and where they have been. >> well, they have been playing catch-up, not surprisingly. a very fast-moving situation. last tuesday this whole thing started. in the ninth day. they have moved from talking about egypt as a stable country and mubarak is not a dictator to saying he has got to go. he has got to go now. so this is a dramatic shift in policy that hasaken place, kind of watching it in realtime. and so now, having i think succeeded on two fronts so far, which is to press the military using the leverage of o military assistance and the context we have with the -- and on the other hand, getting mubarak to say that he won't stand again but they fell short. what they needed him to say is i'm going now. i'm handing over to suleiman and suleiman would then be the one to oversee the transition. mubarak has no credibility for the transition. the administration gets high marks for avoiding bloodshed so far but
using our c-span alert. >> earlier today, president obama took a short walk across the street from the white house to give a speech to the u.s. chamber of commerce where he called on business leaders to show "responsibility to america" and invest now in the future of the nation. following up on many of the themes unveiled in the state of the union address last month, the president renewed his request for such things as infrastructure investment and regulatory and tax overhaul. he also cited past disagreements between the chamber and his administration but said the white house business leaders must work together for america to prosper. this is just under 40 minutes. >> president and ceo of the u.s. chamber of commerce. [applause] >> thank you very much, and good morning. i am pleased to welcome the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. your visit continues a century old tradition stretching all the way back to william howard taft, who suggested the creation of this institution in 1912, and we are honored you are here today to continue that tradition, and you probably no
very much. secretary geithner. >> a look at the white house where president obama will address the nation shortly on the situation in the egypt. he will speak from the grand foyer and we will have live coverage starting at 3:00 p.m. eastern. then we open our phone lines for reaction and take calls until spokesman robert gibbs told his last briefing. we will have that live right around 3:30 p.m. eastern. developments continue to unfold egypt. early this afternoon the egyptian military released a statement. this is about two minutes. >> statement no. 3 from the supreme council of the armed forces. at this historical defining moment in the history of egypt and after handing down the evolution -- resolution by president hosni >> to run the country's affairs. we are all aware of the gravity of this matter. in the face of the demands of our great nation, nationwide, to implement radical change. the supreme council of the armed forces is examining this matter , taking support and assistance from god in order to -- the supreme council of the armed forces will later hand down resolution
fm. >> president obama offered prayers for the nation and the people of egypt today. the prayer breakfast was organized by a nonpartisan christian group known as the of a ship foundation. the opening remarks are from congressman jeff miller of florida. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama. [applause] >> we want to begin the program. it is really a joyful noise to hear 1000 conversations taking place across this road. we hate to interrupt, but we are ready to begin. >> you know the drill. you have probably been asked this question already. how many of you are here at the national prayer breakfast for the first time? raise your hand. thank you for all of the new members and returning guessgues. >> the vision of this breakfast was first passed by president eisenhower and the members of a small weekly breakfast group that met in the senate and the house. as they experience the warmth of pray together, they decided to share the experience with the country and the world. >> everybody, please take your seats. that small group in the senate
that this is not an attack on president obama. i believe we hear a lot of talk about civility, although on any given day you will find politicians to use the most inflammatory rhetoric possible. there were some congressman yesterday that were utterly bizarre from congressman regarding going to the streets. i find in the midst of that it is important that we can somehow separate a person's policies from the person. i find it unnecessary, useless, and, frankly, a bit on necessary to get into debates over president obama's religion, the authenticity of his birth -- i know for some people is an obsession. it is not with me. i have said this many times. if there was any question about the authenticity of his birth certificate, i am sure that the opposition researchers and hillary clinton campaign would have found that and use that. we could save ourselves a lot of time. secondly, he has personally articulated not once but numerous times of his christian faith. i take him at his word. i have no reason not to. for us to dwell on that is missing the point. i have no disagreement with president obama as a human bein
and president obama want to find common ground on issues including education, the tax code and spending cuts. the speaker and other house republicans spoke briefly after their lunch with president obama today at the white house. it's under five minutes. is >> we had a very nice lunch with the president and the vice president and the president's chief of staff. clearly our number-one issue is getting the economy going again and getting people back to work. we believe that in order for that to happen that we need to cut spending, we need to stop unnecessary regulation that's hampingering small businesses' ability to hire people. we also talked about trade. some place where i think we can find common ground to address the needs of the american people. but it was a very good lunch and we were able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people that we're willing to work on their behalf and willing to do it together. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we're serious about cutting spending. we had agre
on what the president said. more specifically, the obama administration and the business community are looking to continue on that theme from the state of the union on jobs and the economy. the chamber of commerce and the president have not had the best relationship and have rubbed up against health care and other issues. here are the numbers on your screen host: our first call is john's, phoenix, arizona, republican line. caller: as a small-business owner, i've watched this today. i need a shovel that there was so much money were being spread out. if these guys ever had to work in a business and keep it open, the president is talking about giving them a tax credit with this insurance. take 10 employees and you pay $10,000 for each one of those employees, that is $100,000 per year and will give you 30 percent off. who will give you the other 70%? we are lucky to keep our doors open in this recession. when he talked about jeffrey immelt, that god has sent more jobs overseas. they talk about how bad bush is ge has sent more jobs over seas than any other company. our country is so stu
barack obama this afternoon and discuss further steps to deal with the situation in libya. the secretary-general will also visit the holocaust museum, where he will warn we will live up -- should live up to the words, never again. adopting a resolution placing sanctions on muammar gaddafi and other key libyan officials as well as differing the matter to the international criminal courts. he says the resolution the council adopted sends a strong signal that gross violations of basic human rights will not be tolerated and those responsible for grave crimes will be held accountable. and he added he will continue to follow the situation closely and remained in close touch with the world and regional leaders to ensure their support for swift and concrete international action. someone else who is following the situation in libya extremely closely, of course, is valerie amos, who, as you can see, has joined me for the briefing. as you know, she is undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator and she is here to talk about libya. i think time is pressing. we ha
what's happening in egypt. the anti-government protests there and president obama's latest remarks on the situation. this is about an hour. >> what is the president's reaction? >> the president has been updated throughout the morning on this, both as a part of his p.d.b. and written updates throughout the morning on some of these images. obviously if any tft violence is incity debated by the government, it should stop immediately. that has been our message throughout this. i think this underscores precisely what the president was speaking about last night and that is the time for a transition has come and that time is now. the egyptian people need to see change. we know that that meaningful transition must include opposition voices and parties being involved in this process as we move toward free and fair elections. but that process must begin now. >> we are watching as people throughout the world what is happening today. we continue to urge restraint -- i will say what the president said last night, i do think that the role -- that had been played by the military was exceedingly i
. 2011] >> president obama spends part of his day to day visiting wounded service members at bethesda naval hospital. we will hear from the president's spokesman at 12:30 live on c-span. the newly appointed governor of the two nations' central bank will talk about the role of the economy in the wave of unrest sweeping the middle east. the tunisian leader was forced to leave last month following widespread protests. we will also hear about the potential economic impact on the region's economy going for reported. the state department is processing u.s. citizens for folks travelling out of libya. our prime time programming looks like this. we will hear from a couple of members of the u.s. house. we will hear from tennessee democrat jim cooper and ways to improve congress. following that, we will talk about issues facing an arizona district project gets under way tonight at 8:00 eastern. the heads of the national commission on fiscal responsibility and reform, erskine bowles and alan simpson, spoke recently about what is ahead for congress and the president as they try to enact the defici
caucus for another political candidate jamed barack obama. -- named barack obama. bev sell brate her birthday on february 3, you can see her surrounded in this picture by friends and family including a grandson that's the light of her life. one of the thicks bev's life teaches us is we face channels every day and no challenge is too great for us to solve if we come together in a spirit of cooperation and a belief in the common good that we can solve the problems we face as a country. and that's why i'm here talking about my friend bev because she is an inspiration to all of us in terms of what we can do to fight for a better america. she decided a long time ago that access to health care was an important priority being denied millions of americans and she knew that from her work as a front line care provider, taking care of sick people and trying to take care of them in their end of life experiences which is one of the most precious times that a family gets to spend together. and so as a nurse, bev fought for health care improvement that would improve quality of care to patients and
. the obama-mcconnell tax compromise. the republicans insisting that all of the bush tax cuts passed in a time of surplus should be continued in the time of record deficits. that means tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and other special interests with borrowed money, or we will forgo the revenue of having them pay a fair share of their taxes save the rate they paid in the clinton era when the economy did well, and they did very well. with that one single vote suddenly we jumped up to a $1.6 trillion deficit. now, the republican majority says, oh, no. cutting taxes doesn't count. their rules deem the cutting taxes doesn't count. we can cut taxes without reducing spending, borrow the money, increase the deficit and the debt, but they say it doesn't count. they have deemed that in their rules. so they are really blowing smoke here. you cannot pretend that you're serious about the deficit if you say we can continue to reduce income. here's what this year's federal budget looks like. this is the total budget. we are borrowing almost half of what we are spending. from china and other places
years since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs, greatly exaggerating, citing a number 10 times greater than what has actually been reported. he said, if some of the jobs are lost in the spending cuts, so be it. mr. speaker, under republican plan, jobs are the target of the cuts. for example, the largest cuts, under h.r. 1, would result in more than 26,000 k through 12 teachers and support staff, 14,000 head start teachers, and 7,000 special ed teachers would all be losing their jobs. this is just the education budget alone. according to the nonpartisan economic policy institute, the republican continuing resolution would cost the nation almost one million jobs. included on the majority party cut list are, 25,000 new construction jobs from infrastructure projects, 1,300 police officers by eliminating the cops program, 2,400 firefighters by terminating safer grants, 16,000 private sector construction jobs lost from cutting $1.7 billion to the federal buildings fund. the spending plan would also slash in half all job training funds,
in that discussion was the former defense policy chief in the bush administration who criticized the obama administration in their response to the crisis in egypt. here's some of what he had to say today. >> now, officials interested in developing a strategy would have to start by clarifying some points, i believe, about democracy promotion or the promotion of liberal democratic ideas. and u.s. national security policy. and i'll offer a few thoughts that they might want to consider. one, the u.s. has practical interests in the spread of democratic institutions and the development of democratic institutions. the contrary view, the so-called realist view, which tends to equate authortarianism with stability, is being refuted in the streets of tunisia and cairo now and i think that's one of the important lessons to see. the view that tends to departmentry cate the importance -- the practical importance of democracy is not a view, according to polls, that has much resonance with the american people. but it's important for the american people to understand that in their key national security in
first. that has been completely put by the wayside. that has continued and accelerated under obama. congress needs to be serious. we were encouraged to see that earmarked for the extra jet engine got a limited of last week, but then again, when congress had the opportunity to boost the amount of spending reductions for the fiscal year, 90 republicans said, no, we are not going to go along with that. host: chicago, carl. democrat. you are on. caller: my comment is this. i disagree with this guy this morning. i think america has been brainwashed quite a bit over the last 30 years. all of this about too much spending. when bush was put into the white house, in his budget, conservatives wanted to cut all these programs. we were in a panic. after bush came in, huge tax cuts. we have been going downhill ever since. it happened on ron reagan also. he ended up having to raise taxes. they said you are going to also have tax increases for revenue. host: pete sepp? guest: spending under bush did go up dramatically. if you count 2009, the year that the stimulus took effect, it would be a great
, mr. chairman. unfortunately, president obama did not seem to get that message as he has threatened to veto this legislation. the president remains committed to an agenda that calls for ever-higher spending, higher taxes, trillion-dollar deficits, huge debts and a government that is out of control. the president presented his budget to the congress this past monday. and the president patted himself on the back by saying that his budget, mr. chairman, reduces the deficit over the next 10 years by about $1 trillion but he said little of the fact that according to his own math, more than $7 trillion would be added to our national debt. today, our national debt is in excess of $14 trillion and at the end of the president's 10-year budget window, it will be nearly $23 trillion. it's clear that the president's budget was not a governing document like the pledge to america was. it was a political document. in which he refused to take on the tough challenges that we face in our nation. in the illinois state senate, president obama, then state senator obama, voted present. he protoed -- vote
or more. president obama has stated that he is open to reconsidering these rules in the light of the burden that it brings on small businesses. so i'd like to suggest that there is at least one point of accord, there may be others between the members of the rules -- of the judiciary committee and the tissue in the consideration of the matter before us. now, i return to the assertion that the health care bill proudly referred to by some on this side of the aisle as obamacare, that this bill will cost 00,000 jobs. -- 800,000 jobs. i would like to suggest that this misleading figure has been floating around since last summer. this is why in "the hill" article on the c.b.o. today said quote, g.o.p. jumps on old job numbers, end quote. what c.b.o. said last summer was that if health insurance is affordable, a person who is working a bad job just to keep health care might be able to leave the job. now, surely we wouldn't want a person who is suffering from a pre-existing disability that would be able under this expanded health care to keep on working when -- when the only reason he
to be caught in a fight between democrats and republicans, between the obama administration, the state department, the u.n., between chairmen and ranking members, i am here because of the fact that this is not something that started three months ago or four months ago or five months ago. this has been an ongoing matter between the new york city police department and the u.n. and the state department. the results of an attack in this area would be catastrophic. i'm not going to go into details. anyone who wants to check, the series of correspondents going back long before this became an issue here in congress, about how vital it was to have this $100 million in construction changes and the first avenue or the perimeter. the fact is, this is a disaster waiting to happen. and i would say to members on both sides, if there is an attack, if there is a vehicle bomb, if there is an attack in these areas that have been designated by commissioner quelly and we see hundreds of lives lost, thousands of lives lost, we're going to come back and say, well, that could have been taken care of but it w
today whether president obama was going to get re-eldidted or not and had a choice of knowing who the reper klican ny jinee was gw ng to be or what the unthe bhm rate -- but it's incumbent on the current president and voters vote their pocket books. host: a link fro wthe site is avrdspredble at c-span dw aviri and cook political doifering. cia .or6 c13 by the way the ongw ng situation in libya. the diplomats annouemring they are lea200ng their post. all of this coming as u.s. oing the devela ments in that country. yesterday in a 20-minute rthe lbling phone cal0. we were able to obtain that from al-jazeera. it's availllile to listen to on our website at journal@could bpaor6or6 c13 we'll have c repuberage of the governor's association. this will fa llow a session at the white house ass meet. the topic? jais and the econo le. ople you are watching this network and notice some slicden alicio drop, we want to hear from you. send us an email at beedia roblems@ wae anen uor63 tse have been receiving complaints watching this and noticing the alicio dron'and then trying to figure out
. by as much as a 40-1 ratio. as president obama so eloquently spoke of in his state of the union address, we must out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build our global competitors to build the future. rolling back a law that protects the air our children breathe, to allow oil companies the ability to spew chemicals, smog, soot, and pollution into the air just to please a lobbyist or big oil corporation is irresponsible and extreme. the clean air act has been on the books for decades with positive results for our economy, our environment, and our businesses. rolling back these protections will only hurt our most vulnerable. we simply cannot afford to go backward. with that, i thank you madam chair and i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from -- rise? the gentleman will suspend. the clerk will eread. the clerk: page 263, line 20, section 1702, the level for department of the interior bureau of land management construction shall be $2,590,000. the chair: for what purpose does the gentleman from new mexico rise? >> madam c
>> on this tuesday morning, president obama heading to cleveland, cleveland state university. he will meet with small business owners. he will have a couple of cabinet members including commerce secretary. the president will speak just before 2:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have the comments live here run c-span. later, international politics. we will take to ireland. leaders of the three major groups will be meeting. the outgoing prime minister recently resigned as leader. the party is doing poorly in the polls. three leaders of the three parties will deliberate. will have coverage beginning at 4:30 eastern here run c-span. next, more on wikileaks. a panel and editors of ""the new york times" and "the guardian" spoke about julian assange if he is prosecuted for releasing the documents. also part of the conversation, jack goldsmith. this is one hour 30 minutes. >> this is a big crowd. with moved it from the precincts of the journalism school to the grand room in the library. this event evolves -- involves plants lining up in a way. we were called and it just so happens that we were able
range of colleagues here in geneva, and president obama is meeting with the u.n. general secretary. we will continue closely coordinating with our allies and partners. the united states has already imposed travel restrictions and financial sanctions on gaddafi and senior libyan officials. we have frozen assets to ensure libyan people. and we have halted our very limited defense trade with libya. we are working with the united nations, partners, allies, the international committee of the red cross and the red crescent, and other n.g.o.'s to set up a robust humanitarian response to this crisis. as we move forward on these fronts, we will continue to explore all possible option for action. as we have said, nothing is off the table, so long as the libyan government continues to threaten and kill libyans. ultimately, the people of libya themselves will be the ones to chart their own destiny and shape their own new government. they are now braving the dictator's bullets and putting their lives on the line to enjoy the freedoms that are the birthright of every man, woman, and child on earth.
-span. >> sunday, mike huckabee promoting his current book. he shares his thoughts on president obama and responsible -- and his thoughts about the 2012 presidential election. sunday at 6 18:00 p.m.. >> in a few minutes, we will take you to the pentagon for their news conference, announcing the winner of that airborne refueling contract that is set for 5 up 10. we will go there live. doug commodores's comments earlier today, saying the economic recovery is underway. you can see all of this later on this evening in our program on c-span. 2021.'s focus on assuming the continuation of policies, the projected backup will be larger than almost any budget category. the left hand bar shows a revenue and then the deficit. the right hand bar shows spending. this assumes the continuation of the policies i just discussed. under those circumstances, balancing the budget would require an additional cut in spending of about 1/4, an increase in tax revenue of 1/3. what would it mean to spend -- to cut spending by 1/4 > -- ? it is almost as much as combined spending on medicare and medicaid, ward and
president obama. can you respond to that? >> i do not anything on that. >> american for a policy has not changed in the middle east at all? it is not changing? >> chuck, circumstances have changed dramatically, in many ways more in the last four or five weeks than they have in our adult lives. the principles that the president has enunciated, as far back to his speech in cairo, are the same principles that are guiding. >> we are in the midst of changing, reworking our middle east policy. >> i would say that the policy, the principles that guide the policy, and that guide our day- to-day decisions about how we handle these circumstances have not changed, and, in fact, if you look at the speech, and the text of the speech the president delivered in cairo, you can find a clear lines you are hearing today. >> the difference is there are principles, and then there is how much you let the principles and type your policy. -- impact your policy. >> it is a strong influence. >> stronger now than six months ago? >> the circumstances have changed. what i would say about the circumstances in cai
thisumps up against is the liberty clause of the 14th and 15th amendment. if that is so, not only is obama care unconstitutional but the romneycare in massachusetts. that is an example of an argument that proves too much. thank you. >> thank you very much, professor. our next witness is a michaelcarvin. he is a law partner that specializes in litigation against the federal government. he was a deputy assistant attorney general during reagan administration. he was one of the lead lawyers arguing before this florida supreme court on behalf of george w. bush in the 2000 election controversy. thank you for being here today and please proceed. >> thank you for the opportunity, senator. the individual mandate of this the compels citizens to engage and contract with a wealthy corporation. even though usually it is to the citizen's economic advantage to engage in that contractual health insurance when he is healthy and does not need the insurance. it is agreed that this is unprecedented. congress is never required a citizen before to engage in contractual or commercial activity pursuant to the com
it to the supreme court. they have made a statement that obama will be a one-term president. it seems like our elected officials and supreme court justices are getting a little bit too cozy with big oil. host: thank you to everyone who called. "washington journal" starts every day is 7:00. we take you now to the senate budget committee. there is a hearing on the u.s. economic outlook. it should last a couple of hours. enjoy the rest of your day. >> we have three outstanding witnesses. economists who have a long history of providing valuable testimony to this committee and others. we look forward to hearing from dr. richard berner, a managing director and co-head of global economics and chief economist at morgan stanley. good to have you back. dr. simon johnson, a senior fellow at the peterson institute for international economics and professor of entrepreneurship at mit's sloan school of management. good to have you back. and dr. met davdavid malpass. we think all three of you off-- thank all three of you for making yourself available to the committee. we appreciate that. let me begin with a b
obama set out to accomplish, especially not lowering the cost of health insurance. so, we in this body, the republican majority, in our initial week in the 112th congress, we passed a repeal of obamacare. unfortunately our colleagues in the senate, the democratic majority, stopped that. in our obligation to the american people to defund this wrongful piece of legislation, it is costing jobs all across this country. talk about things like who's going to solve the problem of the doughnut hole, as the gentlelady from california just said. i'll tell who you solved it, big phrma solved it when the president and the democratic majority in the last congress broke their arm and made them agree to cut their prices in half for their brand name drugs. so, there are other ways to solve the doughnut hole problem than having the federal government take it over. in regard to having children remain on their health insurance policy of their parents until age 26, why are they going to have to do that? because they have no jobs. and why do they not have any jobs? because of the job-killing bills like oba
needs to do, the government has offered guidance and suggestions as to what the obama administration thinks would work wealth well and what needs to happen and not dictating. and one of those suggestions has been, you said from the podium that transformation process, transition process cannot start in september. others in the administration have said that they have concerns about anything being watched, because you just can't go to a democracy in 60 days and fear that the muslim brootshood would be in control. if we say two months is too soon in -- and september is too far, what exactly kind of time line would the administration like? what's the understanding that you aren't dictating, what kind of suggestions are you making? . . >> a couple of things. first, i guess i would reject the notion of there being just two answers to this. in other words, i think you have seen and heard the government of egypt as well as those seeking greater recognition and freedom. they've all acknowledged there are some real and genuine constitutional changes before we can have free and fair elections sy
triggered for spending that will implement obama care whether or not we shut off the funds in the c.r. going forward. these are automatic appropriations. i believe, and i've seen it for a long time and worked on this thing for, ever since mid last summerer, that we need to shut off all funding for obamacare in every propings bill going forward and we had the assurance we would have regular order. the regular order that we have is, an open rule that closes out an amendment that would shut off the funding that's automatically appropriated by obamacare. if we'd had a full regular order, i could have brought that amendment before he the subcommittee opingses, have somebody do that, or the full pro-ips committee and i followed all those paths until such time as it wasn't written into the bill, as was shutting off funding to the transferring people out of gitmo or cutting off the 1099 or the stimulus plan of the president. all of that is written out in the bill. but nothing is in the bill that allows us to write out the automatic $105 billion, so we're faced with the automatic institutionalization
of the second major earthquake in six months that has struck christchurch. on behalf of president obama and the people of the united states, we send our sincerest condolences and sympathy to the people of new zealand. when the earthquake struck, american and kiwi officials were in a meeting. our long-term history of french and long history of -- history of friendship and assistance in times of need. in that regard, usaid is dispatching a rescue team from los angeles. they are at the airport. they might well be airborne at this hour. the u.s. starteam is overseeinge suffer. for new zealand, it will be a long time. yes, sometime tomorrow, and new zealand time. the united states condemns the murder of four u.s. citizens whose yacht was seized by pirates. this deplorable at destroys the need -- this deplorable act emphasizes the need to address pirates off the coast of africa. our sympathy goes to the families of the victims of this time. we will honor their memory by continuing to strengthening international partnerships to bring these criminals to justice. the united states also encourage
that no one is trying to ram anything through at this point. i would say to my friend that president obama strongly supports this extension, i would say to my friend. president obama strongly supports this extension. he in fact wants it to go to december of 2013. we had a one-year extension put put in place by a vote of 319-27 on february 25 of 2010, there was a commitment then, certainly people inferred, we would have hearings. there was not a single hearing held during that entire period of time and we have made an absolute commitment, we just heard from mr. sensenbrenner, we are about to hear from mr. lungren the chairman of the cybersecurity subcommittee, that we are going to -- mr. johnson: would the gentleman yield? mr. dreier: i yield right now to the gentleman from gold river, five minutes. i would love to engage in a colloquy if mr. polis would yield time on this issue. five minutes to my friend from gold river, the chairman of the cybersecurity subcommittee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for five minutes. mr. lungren: thank you very much , m
frankly when i read the book, "obama's war" it was depressing because it almost looks like they are approaching this on basically political ways, political means. the war has now been going on for 10 years. 10 years. and quite frankly i think not only has the administration failed, the congress has failed. so what i hope to do is to add an appropriate -- at an appropriate time offer an amendment to create an afghanistan-pakistan study group modeled after the iraq study group and put on people like sam nunn, former chairman of the house armed services committee, duncan hunter, ryan crocker who was our former ambassador to iraq who supports this concept. general jack keane the author of the surge. the head of the commandant of the marine corps. general zinni, commandant of the marine corps. iraq skelton, former chairman of the house armed services committee, to see are we fighting this war the right way? are we doing the right thing? and i believe, i believe we need fresh eyes on the target. and when you look at and reobama's war, you can see there are -- read obama's war, yo
" at checkout. >> president obama's economic adviser said today that the pace of economic growth will accelerate this year. he defended the administration pause economic strategy and explained his view that the house republican approach to the budget does little for long- term economic growth. this event from the washington think tank ,ndn is about 50 minutes. >> and old friend visiting from japan is here. are we on? thank you for coming. i'm simon rosenberg. we have a wonderful event today, special events. just before we get into the formal program, since this is being recorded, if we can make sure that everybody puts their mobile devices on some setting that does not make noise. that would be great. we appreciate that. let's get right to it because i know is a busy time for many. as many of you know, for the 14- year history of this organization, trying to help fashion a for-looking economic agenda that responds to the incredible challenges globalization is bringing has been the core of our work. we are known for other things, but if you go back to the history of the enterprise, there's been n
the obama budget, the smallest deficit it reports over a 10-year period is about $750 billion. the republican study committee under the leadership of mr. jordan is the point of the spear that is lancing the out-of-control, reckless, federal deaf -- federal deficit spending that is bankrupting this country. this amendment complements what chairman rogers has done. we need to support it to put them in the best position when we have the negotiations with our friends in the other body. please vote for this necessary amendment. the chair: the gentleman from washington. mr. dicks: i yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from california and notre dame, mr. lungren from california, the former attorney general. the chair: the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute. mr. lungren: look, i stand before you as a conservative member of the republican study committee, former chairman of the republican study committee in strong opposition to this proposal. across the board cuts are lazy members' way to achieve something. this will cut 11% for the security of the congr
creating jobs under the democratic policies, under president obama's guidance and frankly under this new budget that we'll debate, that's not what we're debating today, that speaks about competitiveness and speaks about infrastructure rebuilds, putting americans to work. so my gripe with the c.r. that my friends on the other side of the aisle have now put forward is that they originally came up with a $60 billion to $74 billion, maybe a thoughtful analysis of what we could cut, remember now, this is in the middle of you working and all of a sudden somebody comes and gives you a pink slip. but rather than stick with what might have been a thoughtful analysis and again i had not studied it, it had not been introduced, all of a sudden they go by the -- we have to be dominated by voices of which force us without thought to now make it $100 billion. i'm as angry about the deficit and want a strong budget that we're not doing right now and want to work with my good ranking member, chairman of the defense subcommittee in the last congress, mr. dicks, on a thoughtful passage going forward, but i
before this congress the day after president obama submitted his budget plan for next year. we are fortunate because it gives the american people the opportunity to compare very different approaches. the president's budget is tough, but it is responsible. it's tough because it cuts nonsecurity discretionary spending by $400 billion over the next decade to the lowest share, lowest share of the economy since the eisenhower administration. it's responsible because it steadily reduces the deficit while making targeted investments in areas like education, clean energy, infrastructure and scientific innovation, investments that will strengthen our economy and make sure that america wins the future in a competitive global marketplace. one of those key areas of investment the president proposes is infrastructure. the american society of civil engineers, hardly a left-wing group, issued a report card on the state of america's deteriorating infrastructure. they gave us practically failing grades, mostly d's and d-minimum uses for the state of our roads, schools, transit and drinking wate
, signed, barack obama, the white house, february 14, 2011. the speaker pro tempore: referred to committee on appropriations and ordered printed. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, pursuant to house resolution 79, i call up h.r. 514 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 514, a bill to extend expiring provisions of the u.s.a. patriot improvement and re-authorization act of 2005 and intelligence reform and terrorism prevention act of 2004. relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers and roving wiretaps until december 8, 2011. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to house resolution 79, the bill is considered read. the bill shall be debated for one hour with 40 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the committee on the judiciary and 20 minutes equally guyed -- divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the permanent select committee on intelligenc
opportunities and higher tax burdens for young people. we need to cut spending. obama's fiscal spending commission has a lot of great ideas. i put together all kinds of spending cut ideas at the cato website. here is what strikes me. other countries have cut spending when they have gone into crisis. canadian reforms in the mid- 1990s -- we can look at that. in the mid-1990s, a canadian government spending was 53% of gdp and their dead was exploding. there liberal government really changed course and a chop spending from the federal government by 10% in two years, which would be like us dropping $370 billion in three years. the result was dramatic. >> what years -- i apologize for stopping. this is very interesting. we were talking about this in the committee yesterday. canada imposed a vat of 10%. it reduced it to 5%. during this period, it brought that as a share of gdp down to 69% down. it was a combination of revenue and spending cuts. >> 10% in two years. they brought in the vat under a conservative government in the 1980's. in the 1990's, the liberal government dramatically cut spe
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